Like all pregnancies, every child is different. This uniqueness goes even in how they grow up and how they experience issues. One such thing is teething. All children will experience teething differently. Sometimes how your firstborn experienced teething is a lot different than the way your second born experienced it or how they will experience it. Teething symptoms can last just one week or a few days if it is only one tooth coming out. These symptoms will usually only last until the tooth is out. Sometimes, when many teeth are coming out at once, the symptoms could last for months. Here are some of the ways you can sooth teething for your children.

Essential oils

There are numerous essential oils on the market today. These oils are made from 100% natural plants are therefore safe for children. Essential oils have been proven to be able to soothe teething pain and discomfort by just being applied on the gums sparingly. These essential oils, however, need to be diluted because some are too strong. For example, you could mix a tablespoon of olive oil with three drops of clove bud essential oil. Make sure to test the oils on you to ensure they are not too strong before applying it to the baby.

Teething toys and necklaces

When teething starts for babies use rubber teething toys are the best way to ensure that the teething process is safe for your baby. With the increased urge to chew on everything, the baby may chew on plastic toys that have chemicals on them. Using teething toys that are free from BPS chemicals will keep your child safe and make the teething period bearable.


Apply something cold to your child’s gums. It is a beneficial method for reducing teething pain. You can quickly do this with the things you have at home.

Start by freezing a clean wet cloth. Let your baby chew on the cloth. It will help with the swelling and numb the pain. If your child has trouble eating, you can offer them a cold piece of fruit. It will encourage them to eat and help with their pain.

Apply pressure

When your child starts teething, they will chew anything they can get their hands on. The counter pressure produced when you are chewing helps to sooth the pain. A great way to create this pressure is to clean your fingers and use them to massage your baby’s gums. If your baby has teeth, this is a decision you might want to rethink. In such cases, make sure you make a toy that is safe for them to chew on using organic knit cotton.


Chamomile has a naturally calm and relaxing soother. You may make a weak tea for it freeze the tea in the ice cube and put them in muslin bags. Let your baby gnaw on the bag to get maximum benefits.


Cutting teeth can be rough on both you and your child. If all these things do not work, consider buying some pain relief medication and give it to them sparingly to ease the discomfort.